The 4 Ridiculous Reasons You’re Still Suffering from Varicose Veins 

Varicose Vein ball & chain

At the Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City, we hear it from our patients who have had varicose vein treatment all the time – “I wish I would have done this sooner!” So we asked them why they hadn’t. The answers were many, but they all fell into four basic categories. So if you’re suffering from varicose veins and have been putting off getting treatment, read on and discover why it’s time to stop making excuses and start making plans to feel better – a lot better!

What’s Your Reason for Still Suffering from Varicose Veins?

Here’s what I’ve found after doing this job for ? years – there aren’t a lot of varicose veins in butts, however, there sure are a lot of “buts” in varicose veins: 

  1. But I don’t have the time. 
  2. But I don’t have the money. 
  3. But I don’t have vacation days. 
  4. But I’m afraid.

Do any of these sound familiar? Well, we’re going to take these concerns, one by one, and eliminate them for you.

Excuse #1 – But I don’t have the time 

Varicose vein treatment is actually pretty fast. Most treatments take two hours or less. Occasionally, you may have to come back for a followup treatment, but those are usually even faster and easier than the original treatment. Most patients only require one session.

Excuse #2 – But I don’t have the money 

Did you know that most varicose vein treatment is covered by insurance? It’s true. So you may be able to easily afford it once you get an estimate. Come in for a consultation and we will check to see what your insurance policy covers and tell you what it will cost you out of pocket. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, but you can’t make a decision until you find out.

Excuse #3 – But I don’t have vacation days 

Varicose vein treatment doesn’t require downtime. You will be instructed to wear compression stockings for about a week and avoid heavy exercise, but otherwise, you can resume your normal activities with no downtime. The only symptom is minor discomfort and, in some cases, slight bruising that will go away in a week or two. There’s no need to schedule time off work or squeeze vacation days into your hectic schedule. Just one treatment visit and your varicose veins are gone! 

Excuse #4 – But I’m afraid

We get it. Any medical “procedure” sounds scary. But we do our very best to make you as comfortable as possible during your treatment. There may be some slight discomfort, but our patients tell us it is nothing compared to the pain of living with aching, itching, burning, heavy legs every day.

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Check out these Done-in-a-Day Treatments and see how fast and easy it is to get rid of your varicose veins for good. Just come in for a consultation and Dr. Barbieri will help you decide which treatment is right for you and your veins. At the Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City, we remove more than varicose veins, we remove the doubt, the fear, and the barriers to living your best life! Call us today for a vein consultation, stop suffering from varicose veins, and start living!

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