Kansas City Hair Restoration & Hair Transplants

Minimally Invasive Kansas City Hair Restoration Services

Hair restoration is a very personal thing. At Vein Clinic, Dr. Barbieri and our staff understand. That’s why we’re excited to offer our customers a better hair transplanting solution in Kansas City. With our groundbreaking technology, your hair will not only look great when you’re finished, but it will look natural all the way through the process. The advantages of hair transplants through Vein Clinic:

  • See a 3D image of what your hair will look like, before beginning the procedure
  • Minimally invasive
  • No downtime
  • Minimal or no pain at all
  • Donor area maintains natural appearance
  • Digital imaging provides better harvesting and transplanting results
Kansas City hair transplants before and after
example of hair restoration with robotic hair transplants from AestheticKC
Results of our hair transplant services in Kansas City
Kansas City hair restoration services

Maintain a Natural Look Throughout the Hair Restoration Process

During the consultation, Dr. Barbieri will use the latest technology and your personal photographs to create a 3D model of your customized hair transplant design. You’ll be able to see, and agree, on the most natural look. New robotic hair restoration technology uses digital imaging and precision robotics to harvest the healthiest grafts for hair transplantation. After harvesting the healthy grafts, there are no visual indications that hair has been removed – no horizontal band of missing tissue, no linear scarring, and no need for stitches or staples. You will have a quick, undetectable recovery.

Kansas City Hair Transplants

State-of-the-Art Kansas City Hair Restoration & Hair Transplants

Minimally invasive robotic harvesting is a state-of-the-art, proprietary hair transplantation procedure. It uses programmed algorithms to select and remove desired follicles with extreme precision. The selective harvesting pattern removes follicles in a random pattern from the donor site, maintaining a natural spread of hair and making the procedure totally undetectable. High-resolution digital imaging maps placement, angle, and direction of each follicle and also determines the density and distribution of follicles.

Artificial intelligence algorithms determine the alignment and depth of follicle harvesting. Additionally, algorithms are used to avoid damaging existing healthy (permanent) hair you currently have. Basically, our KC hair transplantation process, with its advanced technology, is much more exact than a human could ever be. The result is a great looking head of hair that looked natural while going through the process. Other hair transplant techniques cannot offer these highly sophisticated technological advancements.

Better Grafts Mean Better Results

This new technology creates better results in almost every area, from harvesting to transplanting. The 3-D digital imaging helps the doctor select only the most robust grafts, passing over inadequate hairs. Because the image-guided robotics are specially designed to harvest the grafts with their protective tissue intact, they are not susceptible to drying out and dying. This results in thicker and fuller coverage. You will see the optimal number of grafts and the most natural hairline design. No guessing required!

Wear Your Hair the Way You Choose

Within months, you’ll be growing your own hair. With little to no scarring, no incisions, and no stitches, your robotic hair transplant procedure will have natural results and you will have the freedom to wear your hair whatever way you choose. Swim, shower, wash your hair with no worries. No more sunburned scalp. No more hats. No more self-consciousness. Don’t waste another day! The sooner you sign up for your Kansas City hair transplant free consultation, the quicker you’ll be enjoying the confidence of a full head of hair.

Contact Hair By Robotics today, located in the Vein Clinic of Kansas City office, for your free hair transplant consultation in Overland Park, KS. It’s time to feel good about the way you look. Call today at (844) 424-7297 or email at psmith@hairbyrobotics.com.