Harrisonville, MO Vein Treatment Services

If you live in Harrisonville and suffer from painful and embarrassing varicose veins, spider veins or other leg vein problems, The Vein Clinic of Kansas City can help. Our state-of-the-art medical treatments will have your legs looking and feeling better fast. Most of our procedures are fast and almost painless. If you suffer from leg pain, fatigue, swelling, or just hate the way your legs look, don’t suffer any longer. Come to The Vein Clinic.

Varicose Vein Treatment Ends Painful and Dangerous Leg Condition

Varicose veins are simply veins that have become twisted or enlarged due to irregular blood flow. Most often, they are a symptom of vein insufficiency, a condition in which the valves in the veins wear out over time and cannot direct the blood flow back up the leg against the forces of gravity. Varicose veins develop slowly over time and can lead to serious problems including deep vein thrombosis (blood clots) or ulcers that are difficult to heal. If you suspect varicose veins, don’t suffer. At The Vein Clinic, we can treat varicose veins with our VNUS Closure treatment. It’s a revolutionary treatment that utilizes radio frequency energy to close the vein internally. All it takes is a small incision and local anesthesia. Harrisonville patients are able to walk out of the office as soon as the procedure is over.

Harrisonville Residents Get Rid of Spider Veins for Good

Spider veins are usually treated more for aesthetic reasons. The Vein Clinic has helped dozens of Harrisonville patients get rid of their spider veins with our sclerotherapy treatment. A small needle is inserted into the vein and a sclerosing agent (chemical which irritates the vein) is injected. The vein initially gets red and swells and then fades away in a few weeks. It is safe, virtually painless and takes place in the office. There’s no incision, no scarring. You simply walk out and wait for your spider veins to go away. Don’t live with spider veins another day. Come to The Vein Clinic for fast treatment.

Look Better with our Aesthetic Services

Many Harrisonville, MO residents suffer from facial telangiectasis, an abnormal condition that causes dilation of the capillaries producing blotched red spots, on the face. We offer laser therapy/sclerotherapy for facial telangiectasis and spider veins in our Aesthetic Center. Wherever you have bothersome or painful vein problems, The Vein Clinic has a solution. Call us today to speak to our doctor and get rid of your spider and varicose veins for good.