Atchison KS, Vein Clinic Treatment Services

At the Vein Clinic, we offer Atchison, KS patients relief from a number of vein conditions with our spider vein treatment, varicose vein treatment, and aesthetic services. We know that patients seek our services not just for cosmetic reasons, but also for comfort reasons. Spider and varicose veins often result in leg pain, fatigue, and swelling that is quite uncomfortable for most sufferers.

Vein Closure Treatments End Painful Varicose Veins

At our clinic, we aim to help Atchison patients regain their quality of life by applying one of our closure procedures, such as the VNUS closure or the RFS closure. These procedures are effective in closing the vein that is responsible for the pain and unsightly appearance. RFS closure uses energy from radio waves to provide heat to the smaller veins that do not do much for the blood flow or supply. At the Vein Clinic we perform RFS closure under local anesthesia, so our Atchison patients who have this practice done do not need to experience the risks of anesthesia.

Sclerotherapy Treatment Corrects Spider Veins and Varicose Veins

We also offer our Atchison, KS patients sclerotherapy. This therapy involves injecting a chemical into the vein effectively causing it to die off and close and allow the body to absorb the venous tissue. When this happens, the vein no longer causes problems or pain for the affected individual. Provided the patient’s need for correct blood flow is being satisfied by other veins in the area of body tissue affected, the troublesome vein can safely receive this injection. This is an effective method for providing spider vein treatment and varicose vein treatment.

See Us for Aesthetic Services in Atchison

This therapy is also offered as part of our aesthetic services to help people get rid of their troubling telangiectasia, in which veins in the face become prominent and cause the patient to feel negatively about their physical appearance. Our aesthetic services have proven invaluable for Atchison patients who come to us and are distressed about their looks. Anyone needing vein treatment of any kind in Atchison, KS is encouraged to visit The Vein Clinic to see how our variety of vein treatments can help them, no matter what their cosmetic concerns may be.