Lawrence, KS Vein Treatment Services

Spider and varicose veins can be annoying to downright painful. Typical symptoms our Lawrence patients complain of are aching, soreness, leg fatigue, swelling, itching, and hard painful areas in their legs. As time goes on, they may also see skin thickening, discoloration, eczema, and even ulcers. Ulcers can be hard to cure if your veins are already damaged.

What Causes Varicose Veins?

Varicose veins are veins that have problems with their valves. Instead of being able to pump the blood back up the leg toward the heart, the blood pools and causes the vein to become swollen and sometimes distended and twisted. Because these veins are close to the surface, varicose veins can become visible under the skin. This condition can cause swelling of the surrounding tissues, skin discoloration, and even ulcers if not treated. Because varicose veins serve no function in the body, we can eliminate them with no negative health side effects. If you live in Lawrence and are experiencing painful, achy, heavy, or tired legs, come to the Vein Clinic and let us help.

What Is VNUS Closure and How Does It Eliminate Varicose Veins?

VNUS Closure is a revolutionary treatment for veins that utilizes radio frequency energy. Also called RFS closure, this procedure involves a very small incision in the leg and local anesthesia. A radiofrequency unit is used to heat the vein to 90-95 degrees Celcius, thus destroying it. After the procedure is completed, compression bandages and a leg wrap are applied and the patient is able to walk out of the office. It’s almost painless and our Lawrence patients have been very happy with the results.

Lawrence Residents Can Eliminate Spider Veins on Legs and Faces

Spider veins are not usually painful like varicose veins can be, but they are unsightly. The Vein Clinic offers Lawrence residents aesthetic services for spider veins and also telangiectasis, a condition that causes dilation of the capillaries producing blotched red spots on the face. Slerotherapy works well on spider veins and other smaller veins. A chemical is inserted into a vein causing it to “spasm” or close up. Other veins in the area then step up to continue take over its work. This procedure is most effective on smaller surface veins. They disappear within a few weeks.

If you have any kind of vein problems at all, come see us at the Vein Clinic. We’ll take care of you and your veins.