Before Your Vein Treatment

  • Eat Normally. Continue your regular morning routine prior to coming in for a treatment including taking your routine medications and eating normally. You do not need to bring somebody with you unless you want to or have taken medications that make you drowsy. You may drive yourself after treatment.
  • You will resume your regular daily routine after the procedure depending on the type of procedure you had done. You may return to work immediately following the procedure, as comfort permits, unless instructed otherwise immediately after your procedure.
  • Bring your compression hose with you for each procedure. In some cases, they will be used as part of your post procedure bandage. It is okay to bring a jacket or sweater as the rooms are cool.
  • Day of procedure: Eat normally and take your medications unless instructed otherwise. Post op instructions concerning activity and exercise will be given the day of the procedure. Usually patients resume normal daily routines and resume exercise a few days later. We DO want to you to walk the day of treatment. Please do not do lots of sitting; stay active.
  • No general anesthesia or IV sedation will be used, only local anesthesia.


See our pages on what to expect during your visit and after your visit.