Leavenworth, KS Varicose & Spider Vein Services

Leavenworth, KS residents, you don’t have to live with spider or varicose veins anymore. The Vein Clinic of Kansas City can take care of all of your vein problems. Just come in and see the doctor and he will give you all of your options. Our procedures are virtually painless and will rid you of your troublesome vein problems for good in just a matter of weeks.

End Varicose Vein Problems with our VNUS Closure Treatment

Varicose veins aren’t just unsightly, they’re painful. It used to be the only treatment for them was stripping the vein which was painful and required a long recovery time till the patient could walk without pain. At the Vein Clinic, our RFS Closure treatment will get rid of painful, ugly varicose veins for good with just a small incision and local anesthesia. RFS Closure uses radio waves to heat the veins causing them to collapse and eventually disappear altogether. The procedure is done in the office and patients can go home to their Leavenworth home right after treatment with just compression bandages. Our Leavenworth patients have been extremely happy with the treatment and the results. Don’t live with the pain and embarrassment of varicose veins. Come to the Vein Clinic.

Leavenworth Residents Can Be Spider Vein Free in Weeks

Get ready to wear shorts again without worrying about unsightly spider veins. Not only can we take care of varicose veins, but we can also help rid your legs of spider veins. We use a process called sclerotherapy in which a chemical is injected into the veins causing them to eventually wither and die in just a couple of weeks. The procedure is nearly painless and the results are wonderful.

Aesthetic Services Remove Spider Veins and Facial Veins

One of the conditions we’ve seen in our Leavenworth patients is called telangiectasia. It’s a long name for a condition in which veins in the face become prominent and sometimes cause splotching. We can take care of troublesome facial vein problems with laser therapy and sclerotherapy. You don’t have to live with telangiectasia. Come to the Vein Clinic and meet with our doctor. He can tell you exactly what to expect and give you details about the procedure.

If you live in Leavenworth and need any kind of vein treatment, from spider veins to varicose veins to aesthetic services, visit the Vein Clinic. You’ll be varicose and spider vein free in no time.