Change Your Legs, Change Your Life – Varicose Vein Testimonials from Our Patients

varicose vein testimonials

We hear it every day from our patients…

“Why did I wait so long to get my varicose veins treated?!”

If you’ve been putting off vein treatment, we understand. Many people are afraid, unsure of insurance coverage, or think they have to take time off work. We’re here to tell you that there is really no good reason not to get your varicose veins taken care of. You will feel so much better. The pain in your legs will subside. There’s no downtime. Treatments take less than two hours (many only one). We do it right here in our office – no hospitalization. Read these varicose vein testimonials and see what these patients had to say:

Varicose Vein Testimonials

“You have given me and my teenage daughter our lives back. I have NEVER been able to shop with her due to leg pain but after the very first treatment, I went to the department store for 4 hours. My daughter thanks you so much!”

– Lillie B.

“When I first came to The Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City, I had already been to another clinic. I had black veins, swelling and redness in my ankles. Not only was I uncomfortable, but my legs were such an embarrassment to me. Dr. Barbieri and his highly trained staff of professionals not only treated my legs, they helped me with my questions about follow-up care and insurance. It’s nice not to have to wait until the next day for a follow-up phone call. I have no doubt that I will continue to come to The Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City for all of my leg vein health needs.”

– Sheryl J.

“My entire experience was awesome! From my very thorough initial consultation, help with insurance coverage, setting up a payment schedule, to the procedures themselves, Dr. Barbieri and his staff were amazing.”

– Katie Z.

If you’re suffering from burning, itching, or aching legs, at least make an appointment for a vein evaluation. We have at least six different types of varicose vein treatments to choose from. Find out which procedure Dr. Barbieri recommends for your legs. Take control of your health. Come see us and you’ll be the one writing a testimonial about how much better you feel.

Call Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City today at (913) 541-3377 in Overland Park or (816) 792-1188 in Liberty or fill out this form to schedule an evaluation. Just remember…change your legs…change your life!