Compression Hose Have Come A Long Way

compression hose leg treatment Conservative treatment for venous disease is the proper use of compression hose or support garments. Most of us think of compression hose as something my grandmother wore but these products have come a long way from the hose of yester-year. When doctors prescribe compression hose, patients need not be afraid or put it off. When used properly, these devices will make your legs feel better.

‘TED’ hose are well known in the medical world. ‘TED’ is an acronym for Thrombo Embolic Deterrent. TEDs are tight, thick, usually white, elastic stockings that go on the legs and are used as a preventative measure to reduce the occurrence of emboli/blood clots in the legs. TED hose are great for the post operative period when patients are lying down but as soon as they become mobile, TED hose can actually do much more harm than good.  Everyone has visited a relative in the hospital and seen this type of hose rolled down, pinching the legs in one spot or another. This area acts as a tourniquet  and becomes a health hazard.

Gradient compression hose or support garments are what is needed for the ambulatory population and varicose/spider vein patients. Gradient compression means that the garment is tighter at the feet/ankle and looser as they move up the legs. They are medial grade and can be prescribed by your vein specialist or medical doctor. They promote venous support and venous blood return. By supporting and compressing  your legs, you will feel lighter, less fatigued, and less swollen.   I wear knee high compression hose daily and love how my legs feel at the end of the day.  I encourage all my patients to try them.  You will like them!

Compression garments come in a variety of styles, lengths, sizes and strengths. They also come in many different fabrics and textures to suit even the most doubtful patient. Compression specialty shops and pharmacies, and of course your vein clinic, will help you decided what works best for you.  So, if your legs are tired, ache, swell, itch, burn, cramp, or feel restless, talk with your vein specialist. Compression garments might be just what you need

Wishing you good health!

Dr Barbieri