What’s the Difference Between SculpSure & Cryolipolysis?

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Do you have stubborn fat deposits that you’re eager to get rid of, but that don’t respond to dieting and exercise? SculpSure is a new treatment that uses a noninvasive laser to destroy fat cells in areas like your midsection.

You may have heard of a technology that also reduces fat deposits called cryolipolysis,which sometimes goes by a trademarked name. Which type of treatment is best for you and your body?

Differences Between SculpSure and Cryolipolysis

Both SculpSure and cryolipolysis deliver similar results by zapping fat cells. The difference is that SculpSure uses heat to damage fat cells beyond the point of viability so that your body clears them out. In contrast, cryolipolysis uses cold temperatures to kill cells.

However, SculpSure can produce similar results in a shorter treatment time — about 25 minutes compared to an hour for cryolipolysis. There’s less downtime for recovery because SculpSure doesn’t produce bruising or uncomfortable skin damage. Also, for those who want to see results more quickly, SculpSure’s process produces visible fat loss in a shorter time period than other types of fat reduction treatments.

Treatment with SculpSure vs. Cryolipolysis

Besides the major difference of using heat instead of cold, in the SculpSure process you have flat applicators that can be adjusted to pinpoint specific pockets of fat deposits. These flat applicators don’t bruise or damage your skin. Together with the flat applicators that deliver heat to the cells, cooling plates keep your skin comfortable so you don’t feel the high temperatures.

The most popular cryolipolysis treatment pulls your tissue into an applicator device, which uses suction. The fat deposits are cooled until the cells are destroyed; while the process doesn’t hurt, it can be less comfortable than with SculpSure’s flat applicators. Following the treatment, you’ll have to have the treated area massaged properly before you leave in order to get the best results.

Risks of Fat Reduction Treatments

Both hot and cold treatments for reducing fat have some risks. Both types of treatments are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and are safe to use, but you may find that one works better for your individual needs. For example, cryolipolysis may be best if you are looking to reduce fat deposits under your chin, as it has been specifically approved for such a procedure. Neither procedure uses any medications or anesthesia that could give you side effects.

What to Expect from Your Treatment

Following your treatment, you’ll see faster results with SculpSure. Within 6 weeks, you’ll see positive improvement, and full results will be noticeable within 3 months. Cryolipolysis takes about 2 to 3 months to see changes.

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