Don’t Avoid Your Vein Issues: Complications of Putting Off Treatment

Vein issues aren’t usually life threatening, but they can decrease your quality of life. They can keep you from doing activities you enjoy, or wearing styles you like because they cause discomfort or embarrassment. This can be reason enough to seek treatment as soon as possible, but there are other reasons to see a vein specialist you trust for a treatment diagnosis now rather than later. Here’s why you shouldn’t avoid treatment.

Worsening Appearance

While vein issues don’t always progress, if left untreated, some can continue to worsen overtime. This largely depends on the health of the person, as well as their specific condition, but it’s never a welcome event. You can try to cut back on excessive sitting or standing, but ultimately, seeking vein treatment is the only way to prevent the worsening of vein issues.

Treatment for Vein Issues Kansas CityPotential Health Risks

Besides cosmetic problems, vein issues can also come with legitimate health concerns. Untreated varicose and spider veins can cause the following health risks:

  • Swelling and throbbing when sitting, standing, or walking
  • Heaviness, weakness, and achiness in the legs
  • Leg cramps and ankle swelling
  • Ulceration
  • Bleeding
  • Advanced Chronic Venous Insufficiency (CVI)
  • Blood clots (deep vein thrombosis)

These developing health problems can leave you with many more hurdles to jump. In some cases, like those in which blood clots develop, prolonged avoidance of treatment can leave you with life-threatening situations. If you have experienced any of these signs or symptoms, you should schedule an appointment with the Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City to learn more about your condition and available treatment options.

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With such quick, easy and affordable vein treatment options these days, there’s really no reason to NOT take care of your vein issue right away. Call the Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City today at 913-541-3377 to talk to one of our specialists about scheduling an appointment for a consultation. The sooner you get your problem assessed, the sooner you can ensure your vein issues are in the past. Read up on our frequently asked vein problem questions for more information.