FAQ: Do Oral Medications & Topical Creams Work for Vein Issues?

OTC Vein Treatments

Vein disorders are complex, and it’s never a one-treatment-fits-all approach. Each patient’s vein disorder is different from the next. One of the most common misconceptions we hear tossed around is that oral medications or topical creams can help cure vein issues. This is 100% completely false advertising. Here’s why the experts at Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City recommend seeking professional help instead of over-the-counter treatments for long-term use.

Oral Medications & Topical Creams Only Treat Symptoms

These treatments you can get at your local grocery store can help minimize or cover up symptoms, but they aren’t helping solve the underlying issue. You may experience a temporary relief of pain, itching, feeling of heaviness, etc., but that’s about it. It’s temporary. The moment you stop using these OTC treatments is the moment your symptoms return. They also won’t do much to alter the appearance of vein disorders.

Proper Diagnosis Is the Key to Making Vein Issues Disappear

The only way to ensure you get to the root of the problem is getting a proper diagnosis. This is imperative. Improper vein disorder diagnosis can lead to the wrong treatments that won’t offer you the relief you seek. Visiting a vein specialist is your best bet. Look for a board-certified vein doctor in your area whom you can get trusted advice from. Once you have a formal consultation, your doctor will be able to suggest the best treatment options and plans that will give you the best, and longest-lasting outcome. While most proper vein treatments are successful at eradicating unsightly veins and their accompanying symptoms, it’s not guaranteed that other veins won’t become affected in the future. People who develop vein issues are more likely to be prone to them in the future as well.

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