Free Vein Screening


Getting evaluated for venous disease or varicose veins can mean many different things. There are a lot of advertisements for “Free Screening”. This is a great service but beware. “Free Screening” usually means just answering a few simple questions and maybe a visual exam.  This is a great first step but to truly be evaluated a patient needs a complete history and physical and a Doppler scan of their legs. This evaluation may take 1-2 hours, if done correctly. Venous insufficiency or varicose vein disease is a true medical disease process, thus insurance companies provide benefits for evaluation and treatment. If you are having general symptoms of leg heaviness, achiness, swelling, fatigue, itching, burning, cramping, or restlessness then please, get a complete evaluation.  This will be billed to your insurance company the same way as it would if you go to your medical doctor for a cough, sore knee, or fever.

When seeing a vein specialist for these issues, please look for someone that is an approved provider and not just a clinic that says they “accept insurance”. Almost all doctors will accept insurance but they might not have a contract with them, thus making you, the patient, forced to pay expensive out-of-network claims. Good vein clinics will have dedicated personnel that help you determine out of pocket costs, deductibles, and timelines for treatment.

Remember, venous disease can be treated in an office setting, with virtually no downtime, and minimal discomfort. Doctors telling patients to just put on some hose because there is nothing else we can do should offer a referral to an appropriate clinic to best serve their patients. At the least, the internet is a great place to start to seek relief, Google and get started on a path to feeling better.