Insurance, copays and deductibles-Oh my!

Approved Health Care and InsuranceHealthcare, Obamacare, deductibles, co-pays…. These are such confusing and aggravating topics. With the onset of a new year, challenges in health care are also here. Just picking an insurance policy is time consuming and bewildering. Those of us in health care are still not sure how the changing landscape will affect us, let alone the unsuspecting consumer. I do know that change is inevitable and we will have to adapt to survive.

Please read policies carefully and don’t be afraid to ask for more information. Look for hidden things like “riders of exclusion” or “not covered” sections. Just because it says “general health insurance” does not mean the policy covers everything in general.  Ask your broker or company H.R. representative about any areas of concern, including diseases you have and if your physician is on that plan. Most likely your plan won’t be perfect and will continue to change over the next few years. So hang on, ride the wave, and hope that a better system shakes out of the current turmoil.