A Solution for the Pudge That Won’t Budge

Before and after photos of SculpSure treatment on a woman's flank.

Don’t love those love handles? Muffin top making you mad? Got a pooch, but not the cute, furry kind you walk on a leash? We get it. There are just some stubborn areas that refuse to budge no matter how much we diet or exercise. But now there’s an easy solution – SculpSure.

What Is SculpSure?

SculpSure is a non-invasive body contouring treatment that uses heat to melt fat cells in specific areas of your body. This light-based treatment targets and destroys fat cells permanently. That’s right. They are gone for good! Applicators are placed on the area you’d like to reduce. Then, a customized treatment pattern is selected to give you optimal results. That means that you can now target those annoying spots directly. Thighs, hips, belly, arms, wherever! Light-based energy (lasers), treats and injures fat cells, sculpting your tricky problem areas. It takes just 25 minutes! These fat cells are permanently destroyed. Where do they go! In the weeks that follow, your body will naturally eliminate these injured cells. The result is a slimmer appearance with no surgery and no scars and no downtime! You can do it over your lunch hour. 

Benefits of SculpSure

We know what you’re asking – will it work for me? The answer is yes. There are so many benefits to this new body sculpting treatment, but one of the biggest is the 90% customer satisfaction rate. That should tell you something. The fact that it is so fast and easy and there is no downtime means it’s easy to fit into your schedule too. Here is a list of the advantages of our Kansas City Sculpsure body contouring:

  • FDA approved
  • 25-minute procedure
  • No pain
  • Can treat multiple areas at once
  • Over 90% patient satisfaction
  • Effective on all skin types
  • No recovery/downtime

How Long Do the Results of SculpSure Last?

The fat cells are gone forever. Now, we want to make sure you understand that if you gain weight, more fat cells will grow. That’s just how the body works. Just like veins, we can remove the problem veins, but sometimes existing veins become problematic over time. But the problem veins (or fat cells) that are removed are gone forever. If you maintain your normal weight, new fat cells won’t be created. It’s actually the perfect incentive to continue to eat a healthy diet and get a decent amount of exercise. 

Are SculpSure Results Immediate?

No. After SculpSure treatment, it takes a few weeks for the injured fat cells to die and be expelled by your body. Many patients start to see results as early as six weeks after treatment and optimal results are usually seen at 12 weeks. We call these the melting months. Since maximum results will be seen about three months after your treatment,  late winter or early spring are perfect times to schedule SculpSure so you’re at your best by swimsuit season. 

SculpSure Ebook

If you’d like to learn more, just download our free SculpSure guide by clicking on the button below. Feel free to call us with questions or to schedule a SculpSure appointment. Call today at (913) 541-3377 (Overland Park, KS) or (816) 792-1188 (Liberty, MO) and be ready for swimsuit season!