Why You Need to Know the Signs & Symptoms of Vein Disorders

Vein SymptomsWhen it comes to vein disorders, no one wants to deal with the annoying and sometimes painful side effects. Many patients tell us they feel helpless and unsure of how bad their issues are. We never want anyone with vein disorders to feel this way. Here at the Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City, we believe that education about your disorder is power. It gives you the power to understand what is happening, what to expect, and what your treatment options are. Here’s why it’s important that you know the signs and symptoms of vein disorders.

Assess Your Vein Disorder Stage

By pinpointing your vein symptoms, you can find out a lot more about your condition. You can discover what stage and category of vein disorder you fall into simply by assessing your symptoms. Vein disorders tend to progress to  worsening stages. Our latest download, Signs & Symptoms of Vein Disorders, outlines these stages and the symptoms that fall into each category. Use it to decide which stage you fall into, and then go from there.

Prevent Your Symptoms from Worsening

Once you’ve figured out what symptoms you’re experiencing, and which stage of vein disorder you fall into, you can start to turn your issue around. Understanding your stage of vein disorders can help you a lot. Learn what symptoms you can expect next if you continue to delay  treatment, read about habits you can adopt or change to decrease current symptoms, and get to know your treatment options.
If you or a loved one is suffering with a vein issue, no matter the stage, we can help. Nearly any vein issue has treatment options that can help you get back to feeling more like you. Call us today at 913-541-3377 to talk to a specialist about how you can get started today.