Why Should I Choose an IAC Accredited Vein Clinic?

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When needing any kind of treatment or medical procedure, you are faced with a list of questions. The first may be where to go. As you seek treatment for vein issues how do you know that the facility is safe and that you will receive the correct treatment? What differentiates one clinic from another? The answer is quite simple. Look for an IAC accredited clinic.

The IAC Does Your Homework for You, and Then Some

IAC accreditation is awarded to facilities demonstrating high practice standards after a peer-review evaluation. This is important as this assures you that the clinic:

  • has gone through a rigorous review process certifying that it meets and is in compliance with nationally accepted standards including detailed case study reviews.
  • has been found to provide quality patient care and demonstrates a commitment to the performance of quality vascular testing.

Accredited facilities are granted this distinction for only three years, after which they undergo a repeat evaluation. Also, within the three-year time span, they must undergo an audit or site visit. These steps assure continued high-quality treatment.

What Do You Get When You Choose an IAC Accredited Clinic?

When you choose an IAC accredited clinic, you’re choosing a facility that has standards and practices that are good enough to earn accreditation from a highly-respected organization of medical professionals. Applying for accreditation is strictly voluntary, so the clinic that does so is confident that it’s one of the best in its field. It has to be to pass the stringent review by medical experts that it’s subjected to during the process leading up to accreditation. In other words, every aspect of every procedure is inspected and judged for quality and excellence. The IAC has, in effect, done the homework for the patient.

State-of-the-art equipment, the best doctors, a caring and professional medical staff, a clean, comfortable facility – all are assured at an IAC accredited clinic. An accredited facility demonstrates the highest level of competence, care, and safety. IAC accreditation assures quality control. It verifies that each of the staff from the doctors to the technicians has not only gone through the proper training but must prove their abilities through the accreditation process. You can be confident you’ve chosen a facility that is absolutely committed to excellent treatment and follow-up. That’s important beyond belief. Why?

Accreditation Is Voluntary, So Make Sure to Confirm It

IAC accreditation is widely respected within the medical community. But be aware of one last thing; not all facilities are IAC accredited. Accreditation is strictly a volunteer process. Because applying for IAC Accreditation isn’t mandatory, a clinic that doesn’t have it hasn’t been inspected as rigorously. It doesn’t have the all-important “seal of approval” that accreditation represents. That means that things there could be sub-standard. Do you really want to risk sub-standard treatment? You deserve experts when it comes to your vein treatment.

Additional Certifications for Your Peace of Mind

Dr. Barbieri of the Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City and his team know the ins and outs of vein treatment. In fact, Dr. Barbieri is one of only a few physicians who is certified by the American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Medicine, a distinction he earned in 2009. Together with our professional staff, he’ll deliver the results you want, from both a medical standpoint and a cosmetic one. (Did we mention Aesthetics KC is also under the same roof, and has years of experience in aesthetic procedures?)

Don’t trust your legs and your well-being to just anybody! Make an appointment at the Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City today.