Dr. Barbieri on Spider Veins: An Interview

Dr. Barbieri in front of the Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City sign.

We get it. Sometimes medical information can be difficult to comprehend. Because of this, our goal is to provide our patients with information that they understand, not a bunch of medical jargon. The Vein Clinic of Kansas City sat down with our own vein expert, Dr. Barbieri, to dive into the topic of spider veins a little bit further for our patients.

What are are spider veins?

“Spider veins are smaller varicose veins that are usually red or blue. They are located on the surface of the skin and get their name because they look like a spider’s legs.”

How are spider veins different from varicose veins?

“A varicose vein is basically a vein that doesn’t function correctly. This usually means a larger, ropier type of vein that bulges. Spider veins are the smaller blue and red veins that are on the surface of the skin.”

Who gets spider veins?

“Anyone, at almost any age can get spider veins. If they minimal in amount and are not symptomatic, it becomes more of a cosmetic issue for most people.”

When do you recommend that a patient calls a medical professional?

“I recommend that someone calls a medical professional when they have veins that are getting progressively larger. If these areas itch, burn, or hurt, those are also signs that someone should seek medical help. I also recommend calling a medical professional if someone with spider veins notices that their legs ache or are fatigued.”

What advice would you give someone with spider veins?

“A lot of times, spider veins are the tip of the ice­berg. It’s what is just below them that is the real root of the problem. If a patient is experiencing an increasing amount of spider veins, has been treated and they are coming back quickly, or is experiencing the symptoms of spider veins, it’s important to seek a consultation with a vein professional to learn about your options.”

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