FAQ: Does Insurance Cover My Vein Issue?

Insurance Coverage Vein TreatmentOne of the most common questions we get is about insurance. Everyone wants to know if insurance will cover their treatment plans. And we understand the concern, as medical costs can add up without insurance. The Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City wants to help you understand your payment options. So, here’s our long version of the answer to this common question.

Yes, But . . .

Most insurance plans will cover the treatment of vein issues, but not ALL issues. If your vein issue is causing you a lot of discomfort and pain, your insurance company will most likely cover part or all of the payment. We find that many of our patients with varicose veins don’t have to hassle too much with their insurance companies about the cost. But some patients whose vein issues are purely cosmetic and don’t cause any pain or pose a health risk have a more difficult time with their insurance companies fronting the cost.

To be sure your vein issue treatment can be covered by insurance, call your provider and ask them a few questions. It can save you the hassle later on when you’re ready to finalize a treatment plan.

FAQ: When Is the Best Time to Seek Vein Treatment?

Timing Is Important

One thing about insurance, though, is that many times you must meet your deductible before your provider will cover the cost of the treatment. So oftentimes it’s best to wait until later in the year when you’ve already covered other medical costs that go towards your deductible. But this can be a tricky game to play. If you wait too late in the year to book treatment you could miss your window of opportunity . That’s because it usually takes your insurance provider a couple of weeks to approve the treatment and billing costs. So make sure you allot yourself enough time for this process when planning your treatment.
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