Vein Treatment without the Medical Jargon – What to Expect

Vein Treatment Story

These images are from Jordan Paige’s YouTube video.

Sometimes, seeking vein treatment online or in a doctor’s office can seem like you’ve stumbled into a place where no one speaks english. Medical terms can sound scary and serious and can be very confusing to the normal human being. That’s why the Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City always tries to cut out the medical jargon and explain things in simple layman’s terms. We recently stumbled upon one woman on YouTube who explained her experience with a vein disorder and her treatment plan. Jordan Page is the blogger behind Fun, Cheap or Free, a blog dedicated to sorting out family finance and budgeting comfortably. Jordan says her vein treatment story is 100% her authentic experience, and that she is not getting compensated in any way for her story. There is a link to her story at the bottom of this article. We recapped some of what she covers that you might find helpful if you’re debating vein treatment.

Pregnancy & Vein Disorders

Many women find themselves in the same situation as Jodan. Pregnancy can add a lot of stress to your body, which can manifest itself in many different ways. For some, it is in the form of painful varicose veins. Poor circulation and added pressure can be the culprit for many in the later stages of pregnancy.

Treating Varicose Veins Between Pregnancies

Unfortunately, when you are pregnant, there are no treatment options for varicose veins. A licensed doctor cannot and will not treat your vein issues until after you’ve had your baby.  But there is a common myth that Jordan references and debunks in her video – that you have to wait until you’re done having ALL of your kids until you can seek treatment. This is false, and in actuality, you should seek treatment between your pregnancies. Once a varicose vein is treated, you’ll never have an issue with it again. That’s not to say that other varicose veins couldn’t pop up in other parts of your legs, but as Jordan puts it, waiting to get vein treatment until you’re done having kids is kind of like waiting until your kids leave for college to clean their room. Why live with and suffer through the mess in the meantime? Also, at some point, there are some messes that are irreversible.

The Whole Insurance Debate

If you have varicose veins, your insurance will cover your treatment. The problem many people run into is when they want to treat cosmetic issues that don’t pose any real threat to your daily life, like spider veins. Spider vein treatment is often not covered by insurance.

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Once you have confirmed that you do indeed have varicose veins, you have to work with your insurance company to schedule your treatment. It usually takes a few weeks for them to pre-approve your coverage of the treatment. Also, make sure you are aware of your yearly insurance deductible. If you have not met your deductible requirement for the year, you may still be required to pay for part or all of the treatment out of pocket. While you don’t want to wait too late into the year to schedule your treatment (because you need to leave time for your insurance company to file and confirm your treatment), you also might want to give yourself some time to eat up your deductible with other medical needs so you don’t have to pay a large amount out of pocket for your vein treatment.

You can watch and listen to Jordan’s vein treatment story here if you are interested in more of her firsthand details. Hopefully her story will help encourage you to seek the treatment you need, too. Don’t put it off any longer. Call the varicose vein pros at Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City today at 913-541-3377 to schedule a consultation.