What Makes a Good Candidate for Hair Restoration?

A man with gray hair touching his head and looking up.

Over the years, there have been many trends in hair replacement – and just as many horror stories. From your uncle’s bad toupée to weirdly spaced hair plugs, we’ve all seen hair treatments that just didn’t cut it. While today’s treatments often look far more natural, they do require a good candidate. Find out what makes a good candidate for hair restoration from the experts at the Vein Clinic.

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What Causes Hair Loss?

The average person sheds between 50 and 100 hairs each day, which is not enough to cause a noticeable amount of thinning or hair loss since there is a process of new hair growing in at the same time. However, when the process of shedding and regrowth is disrupted from a damaged hair follicle, the result is often hair loss. While the exact reason for hair loss is hard to pinpoint, it is usually related to:

  • Physical stress
  • Changes in hormones
  • Aging
  • Family history
  • Medications

Does the Cause of Hair Loss Matter?

Many who suffer from hair loss seek hair restoration as a way to improve their social life and self-confidence. When considering hair restoration, it is important to have reasonable expectations. With age, most people experience a receding hairline. Therefore, you have to keep in mind that your hairline, even after treatment, won’t look exactly like your hair as a teenager. Further, for those who have a family history of baldness, it may not be possible to have a full head of hair if you go extensively bald.

Age is another factor. Those who experience hair loss at an early age often seek hair restoration to boost their self-esteem. However, experiencing hair loss at an early age often means it will eventually get worse. It is possible that the doctor may not have enough hair to finish the job if hair loss continues extensively. There is a limited amount of hair for doctors to work with which requires careful planning in the beginning.

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Who’s a Good Candidate?

The American Hair Loss Association identifies those who have lost hair due to trauma or burns as well as those who have lost hair due to cosmetic procedures as additional individuals who are good candidates for hair restoration. The best way to start is with a consultation to ensure that you fully understand the process and results.

If you’re ready for more information about your personal hair restoration, give the Vein Clinic a call at (913) 541-3377 to schedule a consultation today.