How Dr. Barbieri Takes the Fear Out Hair Restoration

A man looking in a mirror at his hair.

If you’ve been all but pulling your hair out at the thought of undergoing a hair restoration process, you’re not alone. Hair restoration, and the hair loss that causes it, can seem daunting and even a little frightening when you don’t know what to expect.

At the Vein Clinic in Kansas City, Dr. Barbieri uses extensive technological experience combined with the utmost care and attention to provide patients with the best care possible. We know thinning hair can quickly turn into a drain on self esteem and confidence.

Choose Experienced Care

Dr. Barbieri has 20 years of experience in caring for patients, and insists on creating a welcoming, family-like atmosphere. The patient is always at the heart of the decision making process. Patients consult with our team to decide the best course of treatment. And of course, we’re always happy to answer any questions about the procedure, so our patients always move forward with confidence!

Enjoy a Team of Support

Our support team has your comfort and well-being in mind first and foremost. After the initial consultation with Dr. Barbieri, our patient support team will contact insurance so you don’t have to. We also follow up before, during, and after the procedure to make sure your recovery process is going smoothly, as well as assist with any insurance company requirements.

Get Your Hair Back

Within just a few months of treatment you will be styling your own hair, just the way you like it. Our procedure is a minimally invasive, precision process that requires no stitches, no downtime, and will leave no outward appearance that hair grafts have been removed from the donor area.

Looking for the details of the procedure? Learn more about our hair restoration services in Kansas City today.

While the process of restoring your hair might seem scary, the Vein Clinic of Kansas City is happy to help you get your hair back, without the fear.