Anti-Aging for Every Skin Type: CE Peptides by Vivier

A bottle of Vivier Peptide.

vivier-peptideAre you concerned about the damage summer weather can do to your skin? Fine lines, wrinkles, uneven tone and color can all be exacerbated by summer’s heat and humidity, or dryness. No one can help you choose a skin care product better than the experts at Aesthetics KC.

This week, Mary recommends CE Peptides by Vivier.

Mary’s June Pick

“I love Vivier’s C & E Peptide! It’s an antioxidant UVA/UVB protector that leaves your skin absolutely glowing. It’s also great for putting on those summer sunburns.”

CE Peptides by VivierSkin is a topical anti-aging serum with a pleasant scent. Many anti-aging serums only work well with a particular skin type, and if your skin type isn’t a good match, their benefits won’t outway the unfortunate side-effects. CE Peptides, however, is appropriate for most skin types out there.

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About the Vivier Anti-Aging Product

This one of a kind product is light and absorbs quickly into the skin. A few drops on your palms or fingertips applied to clean dry skin are all that is needed. Gently smooth the product on chest, neck, backs of hands or face as needed. Do avoid contact with eyes and eyelids.

Three key ingredients maximize the effectiveness of this product.

  • Vitamin C: This serum contains 100% pure L-Ascorbic Acid, a pharmaceutical grade Vitamin C. This is the only variety of vitamin C that skin absorbs.
  • Vitamin E: The antioxidants found in vitamin E work to reduce the appearance of aging.
  • Peptides: VivierSkin has created a powerful combination of peptides that reverses common signs of aging. The patented formula is very stable compared to other products on the market.

The combination of these three ingredients used in a regular skin care routine will help damaged skin feel and look younger. The appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and tonal imbalances should be reduced, creating a more youthful, radiant complexion.

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