Summer Fun in the Sun Skincare Tips from Dr. Barbieri

A woman putting on sunscreen next to a pool.

Summer and sun are two things that just go together. While the sun is often a welcomed part of the summer season, it can also be dangerous – especially for your skin! These Summer Skincare Tips from Dr. Barbieri at Vein Clinic will help save your skin from the damaging rays of the sun without spoiling your fun in the sun.

Cover Up

A great deal of time is spent outside during the summer. During this time, it’s important to utilize clothing that will provide cover, without sealing in heat. Be sure to wear breathable clothing with long sleeves, as well as lightweight pants and wide-brimmed hats to help protect your skin from the sun’s damaging rays.

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Apply Sunscreen Every Day

We tell our patients all the time, but we simply can’t say it enough: wear sunscreen each and every day. Make sure you apply sunscreen adequately and reapply frequently, especially when in water or sweating heavily. Don’t forget to apply before you head out into the sun. Sunscreen doesn’t work immediately and needs time to soak in.

Sunscreens today come in all shapes and sizes. Many makeups and moisturizers are now made with a low level of SPF, meaning extra coverage for some of your most delicate skin. If you have sensitive skin, make sure you check the ingredient lists before applying.

Don’t Be Fooled

Don’t let a rainy or cloudy day fool you into thinking you don’t need to wear sunscreen! The sun can still damage your skin, even if the weather outside doesn’t look like the typical sunny day. Wear protective clothing whenever possible and apply sunscreen every day, regardless of the weather, to ensure that your skin is adequately protected.

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There you have it – three simple steps to save yourself from sunburns, wrinkles, and sunspots! For more ways to look and feel your best, check out Vein Clinic’s blog!