Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City: Treating Everything from Clots to Cosmetics

A woman's eyes and nose.

While Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City primarily focuses on treating venous disorders, did you know that our clinic is also a medical aesthetics facility? From veins to aesthetic issues, our goal is to always help you feel happy, confident, and comfortable in your skin. Take a peek at some of the various aesthetic services we perform each and every day.

  • Cosmetic Procedures: There are numerous cosmetic procedures out there, so why do we perform the ones that we do? We choose practices that are FDA-approved, well-tested, and effective. Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City offers cosmetic procedures such as Ultherapy and Botox to Fillers and IPL Photo Rejuvenation, plus more.   
  • Fat Reduction: We recently introduced a new, non-invasive fat reduction service, SculpSure. A simple 25-minute procedure targets and destroys 24% of treated fat cells. This is ideal for a patient who is looking to take care of a problem area that seems resistant to exercise or diet.
  • Hair Restoration: Dr. Barbieri and our staff understand that hair restoration is a very personal thing. Our treatment is minimally invasive and can give you a 3D image of what your hair will look like.
  • Skin Rejuvenation: Another component to feeling your best includes having skin that looks its best. From Crystal Free Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels to various types of facials, the aesthetics team at Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City understands the importance of skin care.

Interested in Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City’s aesthetics services? Fill out our online Contact Us form to schedule an appointment or contact us at 913-541-3377.