Spring Clean Your Closet in 3 Easy Steps

A bright closet with light colors and a bedroom and bed with a white comforter.

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Why do we women always have a closet full of clothes yet we can’t find a thing to wear? The good news is, the solution is simple and you don’t need an entire weekend to accomplish it. We’ll walk you through three easy steps you can do in your time to help you clear out and categorize to make your closet a thing of beauty.

Step One: The Hanger Trick

Did you ever notice that in those designer closets they feature in magazines that it looks like there is so much extra room? That’s because there is. These closets have been streamlined to contain only the clothes that fit, are in style, and are favorites.

You know you have way too many clothes in your closet, but the idea of trying them on to find out which ones fit is just too overwhelming. Here’s a life hack that will make that job easy. It’s called the hanger trick and you can start today.

When you return the clothes you’ve worn to your closet after you’ve washed them, simply hang them with the hanger turned the opposite way of the rest of your clothes. Do this for several weeks and then you will have identified your most popular two or three dozen pieces that you wear on a daily basis. Put those all in one place and all you have to sift through are the remaining forward-facing hangers.

Step Two: Divide and Conquer

Take only the clothes that you haven’t worn in the last month (on backward facing hangers) and divide them into four piles: keep, sell, donate, and trash. We will caution you that since you’ve already used the hanger trick, your “keep” pile should be very small.

Be ruthless. Only keep an item if you can see yourself wearing it in the near future or if it’s that perfect LBD for a fancier occasion…ruthless! Only put name brand clothes in the “sell” pile (the resale shops really don’t want anything else).

Your “donate” box should be the biggest. Finally, toss anything that is damaged, faded, or out of date. When you are finished, you should have about one third of the amount of clothes in your closet.

Step Three: Organize

organize and learn more about sculpsure

Here’s where the fun part comes in. Now that you’ve culled the herd, you can clearly see what’s left. Simply organize by item – pants together, tops together, skirts and dresses too.

Find a space for your shoes and don’t be afraid to purchase a few organizational containers, scarf/belt organizers, over-the-door organizers, etc. Don’t forget to use empty wall space for purses, hats, and other accessories.

Now That Your Closet Looks Better…What about You?

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