Compression Stockings Don’t Have to Be a Fashion Fail

A woman's legs with tights and high heels.

Vein conditions silently progress over time and often cause pain, swelling, fatigue and even embarrassment.

Some become self-conscious, afraid to leave their homes when wearing work-out clothes, shorts, or swimsuits, which prevents them from enjoying healthy activities and time with their families.

At the Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City we want you to love your legs! Compression stockings help your legs feel great all day long.

And even better, today’s compression socks come in trendy styles so you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for comfort. That is why we’ve compiled some resources for cute compression socks that you’ll be excited  to show off.

How Compression Stockings Help You

Compression stockings act like your body’s own muscles by gently squeezing your legs to help forward movement of blood flow. Simply said, they are your friend and like a friend are there to support you and help you feel better.

Compression Stockings Are Fun and Fashionable

Compression stockings have come a long way; styles and materials continually evolve to support your seasonal stocking needs.

Stockings made from breathable fabrics are available in a variety of fun patterns, sheer, or sheer with open toes for those cute new sandals or peep toe pumps. Some hosiery even features elements of thermodynamic control.

Check out these cute compression sock styles:

compression stockings with patternsPatterns

Long gone are the days of only tan colored compression socks.

Spice up your outfit with patterned knee-highs that complement your outfit and personality.

opaque compression stockingsOpaque

Compression socks don’t have to be just socks; they come in the form of  tights also!

These opaque tights give you the best of both worlds: support and breathability.

sheer compression stockingsSheer

If you’re looking for a more natural style, what looks more natural than no compression socks at all?

These sheer compression socks are nearly invisible, give you the comfort you need, and let your legs breathe in the heated summer months!

Make Sure Your Stockings Provide the Right Level of Pressure

Compression stockings also come with different levels of pressure, so it’s important to ensure your stockings are comfortable and tailored to your specific needs. Whether opting for trendy fashion or a more traditional style, remember to check in with your physician before purchasing. Some clinics offer to carefully measure your support garments to make sure they are right for you.

Whether you opt for pants or you’re picking out your next leggy outfit, we at the Vein Clinic want you to feel comfortable in your skin! Today’s compression stockings will help you do just that. Connect with us for more information on how you can stay vein strong.