The 5 Misconceptions about Vein Issues & Treatment

Vein problems can be frustrating and embarrassing for those who have to suffer through it. Yet many people forgo treatment because they fear it will be too intense, or too expensive. Whether you’re too afraid to get help, or you’re just confused about what vein treatment means, we thought we would share some of our vein expert knowledge with the world and clear up some of the most common vein treatment misconceptions.

VDoctor Looks At Leg Veinsein Treatment Removes Veins in One Treatment

Just like anything in life, proper treatment and recovery takes time. While one treatment can leave you with results quickly, vein treatment is typically a process. Many people have more than one affected vein, meaning multiple treatments are usually needed. But the sooner you start, the sooner you’ll see results. When the vein treatment process is complete, you can expect to see 90% or more of your vein issues cleared.

Vein Issues Are Caused by Crossing Your Legs

This is an old wive’s tale that still seems to hold strong in today’s society despite modern science that proves otherwise. While crossing your legs won’t cause vein issues like varicose or spider veins, excessive sitting, as well as excessive standing can lead to issues. Neither extremes are ideal, especially if vein issues run in your family. Your family history can play a large part in whether or not you will be prone to vein issues in your lifetime. The best preventative measures you can take to avoid vein issues and decrease their severity and occurrence is to increase your overall health, exercise to to help pump blood back to your heart – which prevents blood from pooling in your leg veins, and maintain a healthy weight.

Vein Treatment Always Means Surgery

Vein “surgery” is really a thing of the past these days. Modern vein treatment options are much less invasive, and can treat most vein issues completely. Many of our non-invasive treatments allow you to go back to work that day, drive yourself home from the treatment center, and be physically active and exercise that same day. If you go to a treatment center and they suggest invasive vein surgery right off the bat, run!

My Insurance Will Not Cover Vein Treatment

While insurance companies get a bad rap, vein treatment is typically covered by most major insurance companies. The majority of our patients have no problem getting their treatments covered, which significantly decreases the cost. But if you are one of the few patients that has issues getting covered, we do offer several affordable payment plans and no upfront payment here at Vein Clinic.

Nothing Can Be Done for Vein Issues

Another common vein misconception is that issues can’t be reversed, and side effects can’t be taken care of. Some of the most common side effects of vein issues are heavy feeling legs, legs that are tired and achy, and swelling of the leg. Proper vein treatment can help decrease these symptoms, and sometimes do away with them completely.

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