Winter Legs and Vein Treatment

Merry Christmas and Happy New year from our office, to you. I hope all your wishes are granted and you are able to spend time with loved ones. Our office is busy trying to meet everyone’s end of year deductible wishes and hopefully fulfilling them.

Venous and lymphatic clinics are a rare breed medicine. We treat medical disease processes but are often thought of as elective medicine. It’s true, we do not treat emergent or urgent issues such as cancer or heart attacks, and we do some cosmetic work, but ignoring advancing venous disease does have long term consequences. These may be as miniscule as leg fatigue and continual swelling, or advanced as skin discoloration and ulceration.

Don’t delay getting evaluated until the end of the year because your deductible has been met or your insurance is changing. There will always be health issues to address and venous disease is definitely on the list. Insurances do cover venous disease but take a few weeks to authorize treatment if you are a candidate. Meaning, please don’t expect to get all of your venous treatment in by December 31st if you schedule your evaluation on December 20th.  Vein treatment is a process and usually involves more than 1 office visit. If you have signs or symptoms of venous disease get evaluated by a clinic that solely specializes in venous disease, offer  board certified physicians, registered vascular technologists, and truly cares about their patients.

The Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City would like to wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season and continual good health.

Dr. B