Girl in LeavesFall is fast upon us and varicose vein disease becomes visually covered with jeans and slacks taking the place of shorts and swimsuits. This is the perfect time seek evaluation and treatment, and not wait until next shorts season to think about your legs.

Varicose vein disease is progressive and will not “go away” on its own. Tired, heavy, fatigued legs that itch and swell are classic symptoms. If you have visible ropy veins your disease process is not new and you might not realize how symptomatic your legs really are.

Treatment for varicose vein disease usually involves multiple office visits and insurance requirements that take time. It also involves wearing compression hose to help you heal correctly. So stop the excuses. It’s colder outside, you are wearing jeans to cover your legs anyway and if you have met your insurance deductible, it just makes financial sense to get this done.

Our office utilizes state of the art techniques, board certified physicians, and registered vascular technologists to customize your treatment plan. We are a privately owned business, meaning you will get personalized care from making the first appointment, to insurance questions, and post treatment follow up.