End of Summer is the Perfect Time to Schedule Vein Treatment

Summer legs photoThe end of summer, fall, and then holiday time means the carefree summer is slipping away. Life feels more hectic, there is always a schedule to follow or an event to attend. In the world of venous disease a lot of people wait until the fall or early winter to be seen and do something about their veins. Patients deductibles have been met, kids are back in school, and it is finally time to think about their legs.  This is great and definitely understandable. But, please be aware all insurances have timelines and requirements to meet to obtain authorization for treatment. We see it every year about October or November where a patient finally makes that decision to be evaluated only to learn they will not get all their treatments done in that deductible year. A lot of times patients are extremely disappointed or frustrated but unfortunately their insurance policies dictate much of the timeline for treatment.

Now is the time to schedule, get evaluated, and get started on your treatment. This is especially true if you might need multiple procedures and want to be done by the end of the year. Most insurance companies do provide coverage, but they also have timelines we have to follow. Our office will be your advocate, helping you navigate through any insurance questions or issues.

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