Warm weather and Vein Health

sun with sunglasses

Compression or support hose are a tried and proven conservative approach to vein health.  Admittedly, they will not fix venous disease but are here to compliment any treatment provided.  The research is all over the place on how long after treatment hose are recommended.  We don’t expect patients to wear hose in extreme hot temperatures or 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Our hope is that support garments make patient’s legs feel better after vein treatments.  Most patients put their hose on when going to work and take them off at the end of a day and rarely wear them on weekends.  If they are causing you discomfort or heat intolerance, take them off and re-try them at a different time.  After all, support hose act like a friend should, be there to support you, help you feel better, and always be around if needed in the future.

Don’t let the thought of compression hose keep you from getting the proper help for your varicose veins and finally letting your legs feel and look better.