What to Wear…What to Wear – Fashion Tips for Women with Varicose Veins

Fashion tips for women with varicose veins

Tight clothing does not cause varicose veins, but wearing tight clothing with varicose veins can exacerbate symptoms. Wearing tight garments restricts circulation in your legs leaving your blood stagnant and worsening varicose veins. Even pieces that are snug in the waist can put added pressure on your abdomen. That pressure travels down to your legs and hinders your blood flow. While men’s style choices, (yes men get varicose veins too) are fairly free from tight-fitting garments, women’s wardrobes are another story. So what’s a girl to do? At the Vein Clinic of Greater Kansas City, we’ve put together some guidelines that will help you make smart decisions while still looking fabulous. Welcome to our take on  fashion tips for women with varicose veins. We call it Veinity Fair!

Fashions to Avoid

The secret is to stay away from anything tight. As we discussed, tight clothing can put excessive pressure on the legs or the abdomen which can aggravate varicose veins. High heels are also not great because they do not encourage calf muscle use. Boots that fit too snugly around the calf are also not advised. If you have a family history of varicose veins, but don’t have symptoms yet, it is also a good idea to incorporate clothes that are loose-fitting and comfortable. Here is a list of clothing items to avoid:

  • Girdles & garters
  • Tight socks and stockings (although they may appear similar to compression stockings, they are not good for anyone with venous insufficiency)
  • Skinny jeans, or snug tights/leggings

And let’s be honest, do any of us really like wearing tight-fitting clothes? They’re really not that comfortable whether you suffer from varicose veins or not.

What to Wear When You Have Varicose Veins

So now that you know what to avoid, what can you substitute to keep your look on trend? Luckily, women have almost endless wardrobe possibilities so you can look stylish without aggravating your condition. An added bonus is that your legs will feel much better at the end of a long day or night when you treat them with a little fashion forgiveness.

  • Compression stockings
  • Loose-fitting clothing (especially looser tights and leggings)
  • Lower-heel or flat shoes
  • Boots with wide shafts to give calves extra room

An added advantage is that looser clothing will hide a multitude of imperfections as it shows fewer bumps and bulges underneath.

Fashion Finds That Work

So what’s trending in the loose, but lovely world of fashion? We’ve gathered these fashion tips for women with varicose veins that should have you covered from tops to bottoms.

Bottoms Up!

Lucky for us, baggy is back! Skinny jeans are yesterday’s news and all things ’90s are back in style. Wide-leg flowy pants are also all the rage.

Baggy jeans – one of the most popular denim styles of the season. Celebs like Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Bella Hadid have been spotted strutting their stuff in these trendy trousers.
Wide-leg trousers – these pants look chic paired with almost any style top. Look for an elastic waistband and you’ll look and feel great all day.
Palazzo pants – These flowy pants are super popular. Get several colors to go with multiple tops.
Wide-leg lounge pants – take relaxing to new levels with these kings of casual. You can even look good on work-from-home days.

Dresses to Die For

The one good thing about dresses is that there are dozens of styles. Short, mid, or long lengths, dozens of different necklines, fancy or fun…dresses keep things interesting. See how you can dress for success and feel great too!
Shift dresses – (dresses that lack a defined waistline) offer a loose, relaxed fit that can go from casual to dressy with a few strategic accessories.
Maxi dresses – (long, loose-fitting dresses) soft and stretchy, this style hangs perfectly on almost every body type. Available in mid to long lengths, dress it up with sandals or down with some cute leather sneakers.
Swing dresses – The great thing about this shorter-length style is that in the cooler months, you can simply add boots, tights, and a leather jacket and look sensational.

Tops That Are on Trend

Trendy blouses can make you look like you’re on top of your game. Here are some winning styles.

Blouses – wrap blouses fit snugger under the bra line leaving your waist unencumbered. Plus, they look great on almost anyone! Baby doll blouses are another solid choice for cute and comfortable.
Tunics – these tops are a little longer and swing loosely. They look cute and casual in cotton but can be dressy and dazzling in other fabrics.

Here’s a link to some of these great fashion finds you can order online: https://www.thezoereport.com/fashion/we-love-these-loose-fitting-clothes-that-look-so-feminine-chic-are-all-under-35-on-amazon

Shoe Styles That Are Flat-Out Fun

Varicose veins may make your tired legs and feet prefer a lower heel, but that doesn’t mean you can be fashionable. Take a walk on the wild side with these fashion finds.

Kitten heels – once again, the fashion trends are in our favor because one of the hottest shoe styles is kitten heels. Kitten heels are small tapered heels that are typically around two inches or less. If you simply have to have a little heel to your shoes, these are a great option. They look dressy without elevating the foot too high.
Loafers – loafers don’t have to be boring. Look for leather, suede, metallic, or animal prints to add fun and flair. Buckles, bows, and other details also up your style game. Here’s a link to some fashionable flats: https://50isnotold.com/fashionable-flats-and-low-heel-shoes-to-wear-now/
Low-heeled boots – while high-heeled boots are still popular, luckily so are some lower styles. Knee boots, cowboy boots, and moto boots are in. And don’t forget about the Uggs and Ugg knockoffs – always a comfortable way to look fashionable.

Here is a link to give you a better idea: https://www.realsimple.com/boot-trends-fall-2023-8348430

Up Your Accessory Game

If you suffer from varicose veins, but still clamor for glamor, we get it. One more secret to looking great every day is to add accessories. A cute belt, a fashionable scarf, a statement necklace, or a trendy handbag will all elevate your style regardless of your outfit. We all want to be comfortable, but we also want to be cute. Hopefully, these fashion tips for women with varicose veins will help you do both and keep your varicose vein symptoms from flaring up.

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